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Tony Perkins


I have a passion for game design that drives me to excel in my field, and I want to work with others who share that same motivation. I have both commercial and independent experience on various projects, from the IGF Student Showcase Winner, Devil's Tuning Fork to IGN's E3 2010 Family Game of the Year, Disney Guilty Party. I have the skills and the capacity to learn that make me a valuable asset to any team looking for a designer. Willing to relocate.


Sept 2013 – Present


Morrisville, NC

Technical Support Representative

  • Provide phone and email support to customers for all Ubisoft titles.

  • Work closely with a specialized team to solve new problems with titles over all platforms including console, PC and mobile.

  • Handles issues with sales of digital or physical products purchased from official/supported retailers

July 2010 – Sept 2012

Wideload Games

(Disney Interactive)

Chicago, IL

Level Designer

  • Worked on Marvel's Avengers Initiative for iOS devices, built in Unity.

  • Level Designer responsible for layout, scripting, and tuning of all levels.

  • Lead cross-discipline strike teams and design meetings.

  • Undertake various flexible roles and work closely with art and engineering to support the team.

Jan 2010 – July 2010

Wideload Games

(Disney Interactive)

Chicago, IL

Quality Assurance Internship

  • Worked on the Wii game Disney Guilty Party, built in Infernal.

  • NOA Lot check tests for Disney Guilty Party as well as a new IP.

  • Coordinated with development to identify and debug problems with the build on a daily basis.

June 2008 - Dec 2008

Midway Amusement Games

Chicago, IL

Level Design Internship

  • Worked on an open world game called Hero, built with Unreal 3.

  • Designed and created multiplayer levels.

  • Blocked out missions, scripting and entire open world environment for vertical slice content.

  • Wrote design documents, organized wiki pages and other paper designs.


Graduated June 2010

DePaul University

Chicago, IL

Major - Computer Game Development

Minor - Computer Science

Concentration in Design and Production.

Related Experience

Ninja Academy (2004 – Present)

  • Text-based role playing game created and managed by myself.

  • Staff of 18 volunteers I coordinate on a weekly basis.

  • Numerous game systems, including a battle system and leveling system.

  • In depth creation system for members to make their own content and characters through a staff run approval process.

DePaul Game Elites (2009 2010)

  • A team of students put together in order to create a game for the Independent Games Festival.

  • Created Devil’s Tuning Fork, one of ten winners of the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. I was the Lead Level Designer and Director of Game Mechanics for the project.

General Game Experience

  • UnReal editor experience (3+ years)

  • Unity engine experience (2 ½ years)

  • Hammer editor experience (½ year)

  • Creation of Tralos, a platform adventure game made with Game Maker.

  • Freelance level design work for Persuasive Games, which included work for a flash game called Debt Ski created for MTV.

Activities and Honors

  • One of Ten Winners in 2010 IGF Student Showcase (Devil's Tuning Fork)

  • Phase 3 Finalist in Make Something Unreal Contest (Toon Doom)

  • One of Ten finalists for “Best Level for a Mod” in Make Something Unreal Contest (Toon Doom)

  • One of Six honorable mentions for “Best non-FPS Mod” in Make Something Unreal Contest (Toon Doom)

  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2007- 2008

  • Dean’s List, 2007-2010

  • Recipient of the DePaul Centennial Scholarship

  • Students Against Hunger and Homelessness, 2007

  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon, 2007-2008


http://www.cs14productions.com (Portfolio)

http://www.devilstuningfork.com/ (Devil's Tuning Fork; IGF 2010 Student Winner)

http://www.ninja-academy-online.com/ (Text based RPG; 2004-Present)

http://www.persuasivegames.com/ (Persuasive Games Website)


Curry, Patrick (patrick@patrickcurry.com)

Currently CEO of Fun Machine Games

Previously Professor at DePaul University, Creative Director at Wideload Games

Mamais, Jack (merloc@aol.com)

Currently Professor of Game Design at Savannah College of Art and Design

Previously Lead Designer at Midway Games

Ryan, Michael (mike.ryan@sleepygiant.com)

Currently Design Director at Sleepy Giant Entertainment

Other references are available on request.